SplashCollect - Debt Collection Software - Success Story
Debt collection is extremely vital for any business that wants to keep the cash flow improving and it decreases the chances of losing the money. If you aren’t losing cash flow you won’t have to let go of your talented resources which help your company to perform in a better way. It is inevitable for any business whether small or big that it would face customers down the line who wouldn’t be able to pay on time. Bad debts could be devastating for any business especially for the small businesses as they don’t have a huge backup available to counter such situations. Splash Dev came up with the idea of creating a product named Splash Collect that would help you in debt collection and save you from hanging in the well of bad debt. Splash Collect is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you are definitely in safe hands as you are working with a Microsoft partner. Splash Collect, the name suggests that it is created for collecting your money from your customers who haven’t paid you what they owe you. It is really important to keep a good relationship with your customers and in order to do so you have to give some leverage. This is where Splash Collect comes into play as it provides automatic processes designed especially for debt collection and running the whole system without much of manual labor involved. You can easily identify the debtors, create tickets, manage the debtor’s accounts, and optimize the debt collection efforts. You can access our platform through mobile or computer and remain connected to the latest situation regarding your debt collection process.

Identify Debt Collectors and Manage Them Accordingly

Splash Collect helps you to identify the debt collectors and then divide them into various groups based on the amount they owe to your company. In this way you can easily identify the clients from a certain area who haven’t been able to pay you in a while and take special care of their needs or you can send your team in that particular area to examine what is the real problem? Apart from that, you can easily produce tickets for the debtor accounts so that you are instantly informed about any progress in real time. The ticketing system works because you get to evaluate the performance of a customer from the time he/she got connected to you, the debt he/she owes, the payments he/she has made, and the future steps required to complete the debt collection process.

Ticketing Based System

Each ticket is closed based on the progress in the process when the debt has been paid and a new ticket is issued when a new debtor is entering the process. Remember all of this is being done automatically so your staff doesn’t have to handle thousands of report pages now. Each staff member can be assigned various duties automatically in order to get the maximum performance from each individual in an area he/she is good at. So there goes another responsibility of the team manager to run after every individual staff member deciding what need to get done. As a business owner, you would be getting each and every report online regarding different processes being run simultaneously. Stay connected to your business whether you are at home, in your car, or sitting in a café because you can access our platform through your mobile too.

Complete Central Database

Based on Dynamics 365 we provide a complete central database system that contains all the information regarding customers, payments, invoices, contracts, advanced payments, etc. and every department in your office can access the database if they’ve got the permission. In this way, there is no more delay in access to information and you can also monitor the performance of each department as the owner. All the invoices are managed automatically so no more hiring a team of individuals constantly informing your customers about their debt as our product can automatically send notifications to the customers regarding their due payment and you can customize these notifications.

Get a 365° View of Clients

We promise a 365° degree view of your customers with more than 35 different charts to monitor how your business is performing. We are providing you an ultimate debt collection process from start to end. Your team would get daily updates and to-do lists for what needs to be done in order to achieve your targets. You can customize the dashboards and design according to your own preferences. With a central database, all the departments in your company can be on the same page and there is no more delay in access of information. Splash Collect also contains an email notification process so that you are aware of each and every progress being done in the debt collection process and set new goals for your business.

Easy to Use Interface

We have designed this product to be easily understandable by any user as the user interface is extremely simple. It would save you time as well as your money because you don’t need to hire a whole team for what you can achieve with Splash Collect. All the payment processes and invoice creation is automatic so you don’t need to deal with thousands of pages to manage your debtor accounts. All the accounts can be handled automatically which is the essence of this product and you can have a look at the complete payment history of your customers.

Final Words

Splash Collect is highly scalable and you can get connected to us in order to customize the dashboards according to your own preference. It can gown alongside your business as it is highly flexible so you don’t have to arrange any other debt collection software even if you have decided to upscale your business and operations. Receive the report of each and every process going on in the system automatically on your email address and take control of the system no matter where you are. The market is changing pretty fast and you need to remain connected to your business 24/7 these days. With Splash Collect you can stay on top of your competition with instant updates regarding your payments, accounts, debtor accounts, and progress in the processes as it can be integrated with your business easily. Even if you aren’t sure whether you need it or not you can connect with us and our representatives will get back to you to assess your needs and provide you an appropriate financial solution.