The Romanian leasing company IMPULS-Leasing Romania needed to increase the productivity of their debt collection teams and to do that they enlisted the help of Microsoft solutions. By migrating to SplashCollect, the debt collection software built on Microsoft`s Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement platform, they have enabled new ways to manage an even greater number of customer contracts with maximum efficiency.

IMPULS – Leasing Romania is one of the five branches of the Austrian group IMPULS – Leasing International GmbH, with Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberosterreich AG being the sole financier and main shareholder. The Romanian branch was founded in 2006, as part of the group`s vertiginous expansion plans for the Eastern Europe region, in the same time with the other subsidiaries in Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

IMPULS – Leasing Romania offers a wide range of leasing services for individuals and companies, financing vehicles, trailers, trucks, construction equipment, as well as industrial machines and equipment. With 9 offices and over 100 employees, the company has seen rapid growth, now being one of the top 3 biggest leasing companies in Romania, a market with a constant growth in the past few years, especially for non-banking financial institutions offering loans for the population.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the ultimate platform for improving the relationship of leasing companies with their customers?

Debt collection software on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The leasing services offered by IMPULS – Leasing Romania are characterized by a high level of adaptation to the needs of the clients, as well as a very short delivery time. In order to keep this competitive advantage while successfully sustaining the group`s development plans for the region, IMPULS – Leasing Romania needed world class tools to support its growth all-around. The company was already using a mix of several technologies and software tools to cover their business needs, separate platforms for partner access and document management, as well as a third-party software for SMS delivery. However, the integration issues between all these tools and, in some cases, outdated technology in terms of security and GDPR compliance, have led to the need for an upgrade.

With that in mind, the management team of IMPULS – Leasing Romania went to market looking for an experienced software partner, highly skilled on Microsoft technologies, that will help them centralize and optimize their vital business processes.
The SplashDev team showed how SplashCollect, the debt collection software built on Microsoft`s Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement platform, is the perfect fit for IMPULS – Leasing Romania.

"Our decision to work with SplashDev was based mostly on trust. Their team`s in-depth knowledge of the leasing industry, as well as their extensive experience with Microsoft technologies, really convinced us that SplashDev is the right partner for our customer-oriented software needs. Furthermore, the capabilities of the SplashCollect platform to adapt and scale to, as well as automate, our debt collection processes, really helps us manage an even greater number of contracts with maximum efficiency.” declared Mihail Fedorovici, Collection Manager for IMPULS-Leasing Romania

Unified processes in one single interface

With a hands-on approach from SplashDev and an interdisciplinary working team composed of Collection Manager and Collection Team Leader from the customer`s side, as well as Business Analyst and Technical Consultants from SplashDev, IMPULS - Leasing was able to easily migrate to a mature, stable software infrastructure that is up to date with the latest security and GDPR regulations.

The project consisted of several specific activities, from the customization of the SplashCollect platform to the company`s specific debt collection processes, to workflow optimization and improved integration of the SMS delivery platform.

All the processes that were previously done through separate software tools, are currently unified and easily accessible in one single interface, offering the users a more streamlined workflow that helps them to better manage their interactions with the debtors.

 More visibility and control over process efficiency

From the collection to repossession teams, now the IMPULS-Leasing`s team of 25 employees interacting with debtors can carry out their daily activities from one single interface.

“Shortly after implementation, we noticed major time savings in data synchronization and availability, a very time-consuming area in the past. Also, by having automated workflows and easy access to intuitive dashboards and reports, we also gained a lot more control and visibility over the efficiency of our processes.” added Mihail Fedorovici.

With a better integration between SplashCollect and the client`s ERP, debtor and contract data are much more easily accessible for the users, based on their security and access rights. The collection user`s to-do list is updated daily with collection activities, while the automated workflows and predefined notification templates assist the user in carrying out repetitive actions like reminding the debtors, via email and SMS, of their payment deadlines or amounts due, with no manual action needed from the collection user.

The collaboration between the Collection and Repossession teams also benefited from Dynamics 365`s native features for import, insert, update records, as well as for generating specific interdepartmental documents. Furthermore, dedicated features for managing fleet history and the car dealers and locations serving recovered goods, plus a dedicated portal for repossession partners, ensure a better management of the repossession and capitalization of financed goods.

With more than 35 predefined reports and dashboards for collection and repossession managers and users, plus daily updates on KPIs at Contract and Customer level, the team now has more time to work towards improving the processes related to debtors notification, debts and financed goods collection and capitalization, thus reducing the customer`s debt level.

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