Bucharest-based MagiCAMP is a unique Romanian NGO that hosts special camps for children affected by life’s toughest challenges. The charity achieves amazing things for families who need its help - help that is even better coordinated thanks to its recent adoption of a CRM solution dedicated to nonprofit organizations - SplashNonProfit, developed on Microsoft’s cloud-delivered Dynamics 365 platform.

No integrated database

In 2014, former journalist and humanitarian Melania Medeleanu together with former banker Vlad Voiculescu, had a great idea: offer practical, loving care to Romanian children battling illness by offering them respite summer camps. The charity has since expanded this unique service with new projects like parental refuges and home-delivered care packages.

It is an idea that has been warmly embraced by the Romanian public, which responded positively to their message and provided Medeleanu and her small team of volunteers with donations and other forms of practical help. MagiCAMP first brought 32 children together in two camps, but in the summer of 2018 it run 12 camps with 250 attendees, staffed by 1000 volunteers.

MagiCAMP has grown dramatically - but as there had been no real plan on how to manage this growth, it struggled with its burgeoning pile of contact information and requests.

“We had free internet word processing and spreadsheet software for our donor and supporter records, but no integrated database, history of contact or any real way to do effective contact management. What we wanted was there, but just very hard and time-consuming to find: we had great information from people who want to help us, but it was in separate files and we couldn’t really ever analyze it, either.” says Melania Medeleanu, Founder of MagiCAMP

Ways to segment data in powerful ways

The good news is that trusted local Microsoft technology experts from SplashDev have removed that burden, while putting Medeleanu and Voiculescu in an excellent place for the next phase of MagiCAMP’s journey. This came in the form of a rapidly integrated implementation of SplashNonProfit, a dedicated solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and customized for the non-profit’s needs by the SplashDev team led by Microsoft Practice Lead Radu Chiran.

This new internal MagiCAMP business environment collates all sponsor, beneficiary, volunteer and donors records. It is also a system that empowers the core MagiCAMP team to track donations by multiple channels, from PayPal to SMS, plus segment data by filters like most active donors, performance dashboards and other powerful Dynamics visualization tools. Support for national SMS campaigns - a key MagiCAMP tool - is now fully integrated into MagiCAMP’s CRM capability.

As a result, predicts Medeleanu:

“Now, we are able to plan targeted campaigns, maximize our relationships with existing partners and find ways to attract more of the funding we need to care for the children MagiCAMP is here to help.”

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