Headquartered in Lachen, Switzerland, Octapharma is one of the largest human protein manufacturers in the world, developing products across three therapeutic areas: haematology, immunotherapy and critical care. In 2018, the Group achieved €1.8 billion in revenue, an operating income of €346 million and invested €240 million into R&D and in capital expenditures. Founded in 1983, the family-owned company now has seven R&D sites and six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Austria, France, Germany, Mexico and Sweden.


  • Easy to use and secure application for market data collection
  • The SplashDev team developed from scratch a custom web-based tool to automate and improve the data collection and preparation of charts and graphs for reporting
  • A hands-on approach and direct communication with the customer were adopted to ensure project success in a short time
  • Technologies: Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5, SQL Server 2014, Entity Framework 6, Microsoft Identity 4
  • Services: business analysis, software development, software testing, implementation, user training

Business challenge

With over 8300 people employed worldwide to support the treatment of patients in 115 countries, the process of gathering and analysing the market data needed to improve to save time and resources.
All country managers were periodically filling in spreadsheets with various sales and market data for each country, product and product category of their responsibility. Regional managers validated the spreadsheets and then sent them to headquarters for aggregation and reporting.
However, with dozens of spreadsheets centralized from all over the world, the lack of data input restrictions characteristic to Excel files also required a time-consuming data cleaning and standardization process in order to be suitable for accurate reporting, like currency conversions, standardization of formats for numeric values or product and country alignment. Additionally, all centralized data had to be correlated with demographic details for each country, details gathered at the headquarters.
With such a demanding process performed manually, Octapharma worked with SplashDev`s experienced developers in order to build a custom software solution to automate the way market data is collected and speed up the process of obtaining the reports and insights needed.

Delivered solution

The SplashDev team designed a custom web-based application to run on company`s intranet that allows for data input by country, data aggregation by countries, years and products, and a predefined set of tables, charts and graphs covering the formats and KPIs needed for Octapharma`s internal presentations. The solution was developed on Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5, SQL Server 2014, Entity Framework 6 and Microsoft Identity 4 for users and roles management, as well as for country, region, products and product category management.
A special attention was given to the data warehouse design stage and the configuration of product categories, which had to account for product availability on certain markets depending on the reporting year. Additionally, an extensive analysis of the spreadsheets the company used in the past years was conducted in order for the application to dynamically handle atypical situations in reporting which weren`t previously manageable in Excel. Currently, the product categories, products, countries and other data groups available in the application for country managers to fill in are defined at headquarters, allowing for a more standardized data collection from each market.
The well-defined development methodology used by SplashDev allowed for the application to be developed in 1 month, by 2 people highly experienced in business analysis, software development, data analysis & reporting and Excel PowerPivot. Also, although the initial plan only covered Eastern European countries and one currency - EUR, at a later stage Latin American countries were easily included, with data input in a second currency - USD, but final reports still generated in EUR.
During implementation and training stages, the direct contact between SplashDev and Octapharma employees helped avoid any possible delay as well as address any minor issues that have arisen. Thus, the custom developed application did not require any further alterations, offering Octapharma`s team the benefit of having a faster and more accurate way of collecting the data they need to gain actionable insights and improve their treatment and services availability.

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