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SplashDev Portal is a great way for your customers to access their personal data and to make specific changes related to a product or a service they are using.

The portal provides insight for your customers to data that comes from your Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can provide access to any information you have in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment via WordPress or Joomla.

How can customers benefit from the Portal?

Let’s say that you bought a car from a leasing company. The leasing company has all the customers data collected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and now has the possibility you provide you with access to your personal data and information like the contract, the car information, how much money you still owe the leasing company, your personal information like name, ID, date of birth, location etc. Even the possibility to make payments from within the personal area is possible.

You decide yourself what the customer can see, modify, or change. The Portal is fully flexible and can be adjusted to your needs and house style. Security is on field level so you can assure that your customer only has access to the information you want to provide to them. With the implementation of two-way authentication, you can be sure that the security is at the highest level.

By using SplashDev Portal you can decrease the number of incoming calls for your call center. Instead of customer calling you to change details or information, they can now access the portal to make these changes themselves. Changes made can go directly into your Dynamics 365 or via an approval process. This will relief the pressure on your call center and increase the customer satisfaction.

Flexible Portal solution

Integration with
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Payment gateway integration

Two-way authentication


Fully customizable

Medical and pharmaceutical

Let’s say that you had some blood tests done or any other medical services and you want to have a clear and specific image of your health situation. The medical company where you got your blood test taken gives you access to the portal based on specific credentials. You can login anytime and from anywhere to find out when your blood results are done and what is your health status. You can also get different statistics and reports related to your health status based on your medical records and tests results from a specific period. Based on that, you can have a clear perspective on what was your health status and how you can improve your it based on prevention rather than treatment.ew


When customers want to know their current banking situation, the login to the portal will provide all the information they need coming directly from the bank’s CRM. For example, they can find out their account balance, the latest payment, the credit cards information and they can extract all the report they need directly from the portal.

In case of any technical issues, the customers can create a ticket in the portal, and they will receive a response directly from the bank’s customer support department.


In this case, the financial company can provide access to their customers portal. As a customer, you can check each time you login the situation to your financial records, you can download reports about your financial situation, you can create support tickets if you have any issues and more. The benefit of this portal is that all their customers can login anytime and from anywhere in order to get their personal information.

This way the customer service is improved because the clients get their response faster through the ticketing system which can be implemented into the portal.


Let’s say that you got a car which needs service or a checkup from time to time. The car company has their own CRM with all the customers data and the portal where their customers can find out anytime the situation of their car. As a customer you get the login credentials and you can check how many checkups you had for your car, what kind of service you got in a specific period, how many miles/km until the next change of oil and so much more. You can request also for a new appointment when the time comes for the next change, and you can download anytime the situation from the comfort of your home.


Example 1: Let’s say that you want to buy a product and you want to get a credit for that. The HQ will give the local store employees the access to your information and based on the details you can get the product or not.
Example 2: You want to buy a product from a local store, but they don’t have the product in their local storage and need to order it from the HQ. In the HQ’s CRM the product appears as available and through the portal the local store sales reps can order it and bring it into the local storage. Based on the contract you can pick up the product when it arrives in storage, or you can request for the product to be delivered to your home.


Beyond the leasing example, the portal can be used in so many other domains like banking, medical, financial, automotive, retail, ecommerce, and many more.

A Portal for B2C and B2B business

Either way the portal can be a benefit for all types of business.

In the B2C case, the customers cand find out directly from the portal about their account situation, they can download reports and create ticket to request technical support.

In the B2B case, the customer could be a financial manager from a company who bought multiple products or services and they want to sell them further to their own customers. The manager will get the information they need from the portal and the company could also have their own second portal for their specific customers. As an example, the leasing company sells multiple cars to another company who will rent them to their parties either companies or people.


To summarize, what are the actual benefits from using our portal.

Why SplashDev?

The SplashDev reputation is important to us and speaks through the voice of our customers. We are here to help you improve your relationship with your customers and to have a great connection with them through this portal. Either you have a B2C or a B2B type of business we are ready to help implement the best solution for your business.

What do you get?

  1. Dynamics 365 Enterprise license
  2. Unlimited user licenses
    Connection between your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Portal (WordPress or Joomla)
  3. Support in setting up the connector
  4.  Support in setting up the connector


  1. Web design to fully integrate into your housestyle
  2. Development of the customer pages to assure that you make the best use out of the connector and its capabilities

SplashPortal is available on a subscription basis and can be used for Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Premise and Cloud versions.

There is a limitation on the number of transactions per day (10,000) if more an additional license will need to be added to your subscription

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