SplashCollect can help you manage better you debtors and optimize the collection process. Download the brochure and discover all the software feature and how you can benefit from each of them.

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Choose the one version that you need: on premise or cloud.

SplashCollect on Premise is a full-blown Debt Collection solution for those companies that require a solution that is scalable and that needs to be managed on their own location or Private Cloud environment. It contains all the functionalities as described plus it can be completely customized to your business processes and flows. SplashCollect on Premise is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and has a rich range of features and capabilities standard available.
SplashCollect in the Cloud is for smaller debt collectors that do not have the infrastructure to manage the solution themselves or do not have the budget or need for self-managed hardware and software. SplashCollect Cloud provides standard processes for debt collection and can be customized in a limited way. SplashCollect Cloud is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. SplashCollect Cloud has an affordable subscription model.

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