SplashCollect can help you manage better you debtors and optimize the collection process. Download the brochure and discover all the software feature and how you can benefit from each of them.

Automate your debt collection operations with SplashCOLLECT software in the Cloud

SplashCollect in the Cloud is ideal for smaller debt collectors that don’t have budget and the infrastructure to manage the solution themselves.

SplashCollect Cloud provides standard processes for debt collection and can be customized in a limited way. SplashCollect Cloud is built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

SplashCollect Cloud has an affordable subscription model. Request a free DEMO and find out more about this solution!

The Collection Managers can use SplashCollect Cloud for the following processes are more:

  • Quickly identify debtors, create delinquency tickets, manage debtor accounts, track and complete the collection process
  • Recover arrears from corporate customers, preventing the creation and increasing accounts payable
  • Reduce the analysis time by having a quick and consistent view on overdue accounts and relevant KPIs.

Unique, Feature-Rich Solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

The Collection Managers can benefit from the SplashCollect features also in the Cloud:  

  • Daily updates on indicators at Contract and Customer level 
  • A 360° overview of their clients 
  • Predefined dashboards for Collection Manager & Collection User 
  • Over 35 charts and predefined reports with export option 
  • Configurable Collection Timeline Workflow 
  • Daily updates with Collection Activities allocated directly to the Collection User`s to-do list 
  • Predefined Collection Reminder and Notification templates for e-mail and SMS 
  • Customizable Workflows (Automated Business Processes) 

How SplashCOLLECT can help your day-to-day business?

A 360° overview of your clients, all in one place in the Cloud

SplashCollect Cloud is a web-based solution where you can find your customers, contracts, invoices, associated payments or advance payments, securities, calculated penalties, debts, as well as DPD (Days Past Due).

SplashCollect Cloud provides you with a quick and consistent view on overdue accounts, including information regarding your interactions with the customer, contract conclusion, account distribution or promised amount.

Automated business processes and reduced operational costs with SplashCollect Cloud

  • SplashCollect Cloud provides you with a structured debt collection process, customized to the specific needs of your company directly in the Cloud. This way, you don’t need to worry about paying for more when you have a limited budget.
  • The ticketing system from the SplashCollect Cloud automates the collection process. The system closes and opens delinquency tickets based on the occurrence of payments and the closing of invoices.
    Furthermore, the system helps to simultaneously manage different processes. SplashCollect Cloud provides you with reports specialized on each process.
  • This approach decreases the value of DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) indicator by decreasing the average number of days needed to turn the debts into cash.

Collection Agents can increase their productivity with SplashCollect Cloud

  • SplashCollect Cloud helps you forget about the manual work needed for managing the interactions with debtors. This kind of work can be extremely expensive and timeconsuming. 
  •  SplashCollect´s Cloud provides multiple Collection Timeline Workflows. The system helps you track the activity flows associated with each account.  
  • You can easily find out about each status if it’s completed or in progress, the debt amount, details about the account owner and the number of days past due. 
  • Furthermore, the workflows help you to coordinate and delegate the steps execution. These steps could be simultaneously or dependently, according to the abilities of each collection agent. This way you can optimize the work of each collection user. 

Reduced analysis time through comprehensive reporting in the Cloud

SplashCollect Cloud provides you with over 35 predefined reports and intuitive dashboards. You can get daily updates on KPIs at Contract and Customer level.  

With SplashCollect Cloud, Collection Managers and Collection Agents can:   

  • report faster on their results 
  • quickly get actionable insights into the efficiency of their debt collection processes 
  • dedicate more time towards improving the relationship with the debtors 
  • decrease customers` debts 
  • positively impacting company`s profit and cash flow 

Faster response times and better interactions with your customers in the cloud

SplashCollect Cloud can be integrated with your existing ERP. This way all the relevant data needed for debt collection – accounts, contracts, invoices, payments, balance, can be easily synchronized between the two systems.

Moreover, you can further improve the relationship with your partners and customers and lower your operational costs by extending the software`s capabilities with a portal add-on dedicated for external users
Optional you can choose for the Customer Service Portal, with the SplashSMS add-on. This feature automatically delivers text messages related to the collection status.

You can choose also the SplashSurvey add-on to quickly and easily collect feedback from your customers.

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