Making leasing origination more efficient while keeping minimum risk

Our end-to-end platform accelerates and simplifies the entire lease origination process – from application and scoring to workflow management and documentation. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, our best-in-class commercial leasing solution uses the latest infrastructure and follows best practice to keep your customers, data, and company safe.

SplashLeasing is an advanced and efficient leasing origination platform that digitalizes your business and improves the way it functions.

The leasing and asset finance is a challenging and competitive market, where superior efficiency is key. SplashLeasing leasing software deliver an automated, highly integrated solution for all of your leasing business requirements.

Why use SplashLEASING ?

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Efficient lease origination process

For lease origination, accountability, time and accuracy are critical. Our powerful workflow capabilities make managing the whole process automated and simple, while shortening the 'time-to-yes'.

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High volume of data supported

Our platform is capable of processing large volumes of requests to enable accommodation of different types of needs.

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Intuitive user interface

Quickly to access, automated and simple to use - our platform is also flexible to deploy and implement, reducing the cost and time spent on training employees.

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Design must be functional, and functionality must support your business processes.

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Your customers will benefit too

SplashLeasing is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for lease origination – from electronic application through efficient and automated request processing and lease approval.

Our platform enables your users to complete an application in just a few clicks, improving their overall customer experience and increasing retention.

Technology-enabled businesses are always the leading players in the industry. We address the unique challenges your company is facing, and help you stay at top of the game by implementing convenient lease origination solutions.

Focus on getting the best possible results for your business while we take care of making your lease origination process as efficient as possible.

Integrity. Innovation. Performance. Collaboration. Appetite for constant improvement. 

Those are our five strong drivers that help us set new standards when it comes to providing the greatest possible service to our clients.

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