SplashDev’s Customer Success Program for Micrososft Dynamics 365 comes with a great list of advantages. Download the brochure and find out all the details about the Support packages and how SplashDev team can help you with the Dynamics 365 platform.

Customer Success Plus

Our Customer Success Plus offering is split in different pillars which together form a pre-define support package that is flexible and dedicated. Customer Success Plus contains standard support hours, reaction times, technical account management and system reviews.

Customer Success Plus can be purchased in a monthly subscription model that provides all the flexibility you would expect from SplashDev. Depending on your forecasted needs and size of your company you can choose from a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package.

Customer Success Plus provides the following services:

Customer Success Management

A Customer Success Manager, assigned by SplashDev, will provide you with monthly reports and acts as your primary point of contact to assure that solutions are being provided on-time and within expectations. The Customer Success Manager is also responsible for the customer satisfaction ratings. The Customer Success Manager can also support you with your planning and other SplashDev related activities.

Reaction Time

The time between the moment an incident was logged in our system and a reaction that was given by SplashDev. SplashDev optimizes the reaction or response time to the maximum to prevent any interruption in your daily activities.

Training Hours

Training hours can be used for end-user and/or technical training on the solution that you trust us with for support. Training hours can be saved month over month within a one-year contractual period.

Support Hours

Support hours is time is to be used for break-fix and technical incidents/questions. A maximum of 25% of the time can be used for Change Requests (CRs). This provides you with more flexibility to use the time wisely and to be able to spend your hours in the most efficient way.

Yearly System Review

A yearly System Review gives you the possibility to have your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Navision being re­viewed on issues as performance and quality of configuration and customization on a yearly basis. After the review you will receive an advisory report with ideas on how to improve your environ­ment in the most efficient way. Together with your Customer Success Manager you plan the best moment to do the System Review.

Additional Support Hours

Sometimes there is just too much going on and the selected package doesn’t fit your need for that period. In that case you always have the possibility to purchase some additional hours against the agreed rate. We want to assure that the support doesn’t stop when you need it most.

Choose the perfect plan for you with SplashDEV

Customer Success Plus

  • 10 Support hours
  • Training hours: 2 hours
  • Technical Account Management for 1 hour
  • Access to Portal: YES
  • Yearly System Review: NO

Customer Success Plus

  • 16 Support hours
  • Training hours: 4 hours
  • Technical Account Management for 2 hour
  • Access to Portal: YES
  • Yearly System Review: NO

Customer Success Plus

  • 24 Support hours
  • Training hours: 6 hours
  • Technical Account Management for 3 hour
  • Access to Portal: YES
  • Yearly System Review: YES

Customer Success Plus

  • 40 Support hours
  • Training hours: 8 hours
  • Technical Account Management for 4 hour
  • Access to Portal: YES
  • Yearly System Review: NO

Access to SplashDev Customer Success

Incidents are typically logged via our Customer Success Portal, through which you can follow the status of your incident, manage your monthly consumption and find comprehensive reporting.

Incidents are being logged and provided with a severity level. Based on the severity level we provide a time to solution. Depending on your SLA requirements the response time and time-to-resolution can be adjusted to your needs.

Of course, our Customer Success Support Desk can always be reached by phone.

SplashSupport is being delivered by highly qualified, multi-lingual, support engineers that are locat­ed in our offices in Romania.

Want to Know more ?

It speaks for itself that we are more than happy to discuss with you our Customer Success Support offering in detail.
Feel free to contact us to discuss our offering in detail or to provide you with an offer. We are there to serve you.

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