The Airlines industries is confident with Microsoft Teams as its hub

Microsoft has identified the airlines as one of the most successful industries when it comes to utilizing the widespread value of Microsoft Teams. Find out more in the article below.
From vision to solution​

For many businesses, lost time is lost money. An Air Traffic Controller whose team uses Microsoft Teams acknowledged, “Every moment an aircraft is grounded is revenue loss for the company. My job is to keep the flights running on time.” Whether the task is to monitor and direct the aircraft on the ground and in the air, issue landing and take-off instructions to pilots, or alert airport response staff in case of emergencies—airport staff need to be confident in the tools they use. Microsoft Teams provides that confidence.

At the Operations level alone, Microsoft Teams plays a crucial role with maintenance and repair, fleet management, overbooked flights, incident prevention, and communication with cabin crew as well as flight status.

App integrations such as Notification Bot and Flight Team Creation support Teams as a communication hub for emergencies or quick, path-altering activity. Established flight team rosters, @mentions in chats and channels for instant attention, and quick access to information helps stakeholders with decision making and context. Microsoft Teams is set up for quick decision-making, informing employees of changes and many other chanllenges.

There are many other industries experiencing success with Teams!

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