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SplashDev team has been working with banks and financial companies and got the experience need to be able to create the best financial software solution for their customers.

Banking software development

The banking industry implies working with the best and most secure solutions in order to provide the best experience for the banking employees and customers. Therefore, creating a secure and user-friendly solutions is one of the main goals for Splashdev team. Using the newest technology, the development team wants to meet the security requirements that are needed in order to have the highest security level for their customers.

Web-based banking and financial solutions

Web-based solution for banking has been a trend and SplashDev is one of the many companies aligned with the latest banking solution trending. When a solution is developed on a web-based structure, it can be easily customized for different types of financial services. There are also web solutions create based on modules and the customers can choose which of them are important for their business. Based on this, the web-based solution have their price package create with different modules and they can expand based on the customer’s future needs.

Mobile banking app development

In this Covid-19 period when everyone tries to stay safe, using less cash and more online transfer apps between customers is one of the best ways to keep the distance and stay healthy. Having developed a mobile app for any current smart phone of mobile device is the next best thing.

A lot of the banks have already tried to convince their customers to use more the mobile apps instead of classical cash transactions, so this new Covid-19 change was a major push forward in getting their customers to use more apps and less cash payments.

Custom finance software solution

Do you need a custom solution for your banking or financial services? SplashDev team is here to take a new challenge. We are ready to create the best custom solution tailored to meet the requirements that your business need.

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