City of Houston: Data accessibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Reducing redundant, intensive manual tasks and making information more accessible to those who need it should be top priorities in digitally transforming public institutions. How the City of Houston decided to digitalize the information?

See how the city of Houston is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to empower its employees and citizens via web-based, scalable solutions that digitally enable more public services.

Making relevant information accessible to the thousands or millions of people who need it is among the top priorities of any public institution. Thanks to cloud technology and modern enterprise software, this critical goal is now significantly easier to achieve. Simply opening a one-way communication channel isn’t good enough, though. Citizens also need seamless mechanisms for voicing concerns, downloading documentation, requesting public services, and obtaining assistance from public employees when they need it.

In this video, you’ll see how the city of Houston, Texas, has made modernization, digital transformation, and data accessibility a reality for its employees and citizens via Microsoft 365.

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