Microsoft is one of the biggest IT companies out there. It has pretty much everything you need to run your computer.

Many experts believe that the major reason behind the huge success of Microsoft is its ability to reinvent and come up with newer products, such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Our debt collection solution is based on this platform and provides a one-stop solution to all things related to debt collection. Plus, we also offer customized solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Let’s get to know more why it may be a good idea to give it a try:

What Is Microsoft Dynamics

It’s a customer relationship management software developed by Microsoft. It focuses mainly on service, marketing, and sales but the company has been promoting the tool as a CRM platform.

Dynamics has over 40,000 users. The company encourages partners to use its .NET based framework to customize the tool according to their own needs.

It is a server-client app that supports a large number of web services interfaces. Users can access the tool by using a browser or plug-in.

How Can Microsoft Dynamics Help Businesses

Microsoft Dynamics is being heralded as the future of enterprise solutions. It can provide businesses with a variety of solutions.

Microsoft has designed the tool to provide a one-stop solution to all problems.

Increased Flexibility

The model offers more flexibility as it removes the need to saddle with apps you do not need. It gives businesses the ease to only choose the tools that they require.

The platform has its own app store that offers a variety of plugins and extensions to improve your overall experience of using the tool.

Plus, you can also access it from anywhere since it’s cloud-based.

Reduced Cost

Microsoft Dynamics helps businesses save money by offering more flexibility and reduces the need to spend money on apps that you do not need.

Native and Intelligent Insights

Being able to manage all your processes under one platform gives you more power and great insights. Microsoft Dynamics comes with Microsoft’s Power BI which offers excellent reporting.

Power BI can make predictions about available opportunities, let you visualize data, and provide actionable feedback.

More Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics creates a centralized system that gives you access to all the data that you need. Being able to see the complete flow of processes can make your business more productive and help you save time.

Microsoft Dynamics uses AI in a clever manner and also reduces the risk of errors such as double entry.

Higher Security

With Microsoft Dynamics, you do not have to worry about security as you can count on Microsoft to keep your data safe and secure.

There is no risk of losing your data as it is backed up by Microsoft. Plus, there’s little to no risk of intruders since the company has a reliable framework to ensure security.

What Is Splash Dev?

Splash Dev is a one-stop solution to all your business needs.

We provide customer-focused, customized solutions to help you improve productivity and get more without having to compromise on security.

We excel at building solutions on Microsoft Dynamics. One of our best products is SplashCollect, a debt collection program that makes it safer and easier to collect and manage debt.

We have a team of experienced software developers who can create customized solutions for your business. We’ll listen to what you need and provide you with a solution tailored to your requirements.

Why Should I Get a Microsoft Dynamics Based Debt Collection Software?

You get to enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics. The platform provides customized solution keeping your needs and requirements in mind.

You can access the software from anywhere without having to worry about personal data reaching unsafe hands.

Debt collection is a big but difficult business. It can be hard to keep track of all the payments. You need a lot of data under one roof to be able to do the job well.

Microsoft Dynamics provides an excellent solution to this problem as it brings all your apps under one roof, giving you the opportunity to save money and handle payments without any difficulty.

It may sound complex on paper, but with our experienced developers, you will get a debt collection solution tailored to your needs. Our team is highly skilled and experienced.

We Already Have SplashCollect

SplashCollect is our advanced collection application that allows businesses to:

With this tool, you can prevent debt from accumulating. The platform is based on Dynamics and integrated with Dynamics Portal Add-on.

You can access our debt collection tool on a computer or mobile. It offers great ease as everything is just a fingertip away.

SplashCollect is designed by our in-house players and caters to all kinds of businesses. We have thousands of customers enjoying the benefits the tool has to provide and it may be the right solution for you as well.

We encourage you to try our feature-rich program to see what it can do for your business.

It’s an investment that improves your bottom line by helping you collect debt and prevent the accumulation of bad debt. It is very easy to use and is also scalable.

The program offers comprehensive reports and also reduces the burden as most processes are automated, removing the need for you to manually check accounts.

There is no learning curve. Our solution comes with a detailed guide on how to use it. Plus, our technical staff is also always available to answer all your questions.

Contact us today to know more about SplashCollect and how it can help your business.

SplashCollect or Customized Debt Collection Tool? Which One To Go For?

While SplashCollect is an excellent tool, it may not be the best solution for all businesses. Opting for a customized solution can be a better option if you want to add additional features or remove some features that are not relevant to your business.

The biggest benefit of Microsoft Dynamics based platform is the ability to add or remove apps as needed. Speak to our experts about your business and discuss what’s best for you.

With many years of experience, we are among the most reliable service providers in the industry. When you work with us, you work with a company that’s serious about solving your problem.

So do not hesitate and call +40 (757) 022 541 today to speak to an agent.

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