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Are you having a hard time collecting your open invoices? Are you still running your debt collection process on Excel? Then SplashCollect is the solution for you. SplashCollect is an advanced debt collection software for companies of all sizes.

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is a debt collection software solution for collection agencies, small & medium businesses, larger corporations or anyone else involved in the collection of outstanding invoices and debt. With its main focus on soft collection, SplashCollect is a leading solution that helps you to automate your collection process and improve your collections and customer satisfaction.

SplashCollect is a debt collection software that is build on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. It fully integrates with third-party solutions for accounting, marketing and more. SplashCollect is available for both Cloud and on Premise implementations and is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The fully automated workflows in SplashCollect helps everyone involved in your debt collection process. From Collection Manager to customer, they all benefit from SplashCollect.

Cloud versus on Premise

SplashCollect is a debt collection software that is available both in a Cloud and an on Premise version. For those that want or need to keep their data in house, the on Premise version is a perfect solution. For those that have everything in the cloud, or smaller companies that do not have the infrastructure in place we offer the Cloud versions with all its capabilities.


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What we do:

A 360 Degrees overview of your Clients

Our state-of-the-art debt collection software  provides all the information about your customer in one single place. No more changing screens and getting lost in the huge amount of information. SplashCollect provides a consistent overview of the overdue accounts, interactions with customers, contract conclusion, account distribution, Promise-to-Pays and much more…

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Lower Your Operational Costs by Automating your Business Processes

SplashCollect offers a structured debt collection process, with the possibility to customize it to the specific needs of your organization. SplashCollect contains a ticketing system that automates your collection process by closing and opening delinquency tickets based on the occurrence of payments and the closing of invoice.

Where before the implementation of SplashCollect you needed an army of people to manage your collection process, now only a few Collection Agents are needed to accomplish the same in a more standardized and organized manner, with better results.

By automating your debt collection processes you eliminate a huge amount of manual work that is needed to manage the interaction with your debtors. The different workflows will take over the work and assures that your debtors are informed and your system is up to date. Next to a decrease in manpower, SplashCollect assures an increase in customer satisfaction.

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Higher Customer Satisfaction

Debt Collection is always a balance between collecting as much as you can and at the same time keeping the customer on board for future business. SplashCollect gives you the possibility to segment your customers to your needs. Based on the customer segmentation you define your collection strategy. With this personalized way of working you have the possibility to collect as much as possible, without hurting the customer relationship.

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Customer Portal

With our customer portal add on, you can provide your customer with access to their own data. Instead of having to call your call center, the customer can manage their contact details, see their contracts and open invoices and even make direct payments. You decide what your customer can manage and change online and make these features available via the portal.

With customer portal you can instantly decrease the pressure on your call center and assure that the customer is satisfied with your service offering.

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SplashCollect has the possibility to integrate with  many third party solutions. SplashCollect is not an Accounting solution, meaning we depend on the financial information coming from outside. We can integrate with many accounting solutions on the market to make a perfect flow between your accounting system and our debt collection feature set.

Also from a communication point of view we can integrate with most of the common communication tools as SMS, WhatsApp, Viper, Telegram and more. You define your communication strategy and we make sure that the customer gets the message in a fully automated way.

For those who want to go one step further, we can also integrate with legal databases, national financial databases and more. Let´s talk and see what your needs are and we are sure it can be done.

Comprehensive Reporting

SplashCollect provides you with tons of predefined reports and intuitive dashboards, daily updates on KPIs at Contract and Customer level. With SplashCollect, Collection Managers and Collection Agents can:


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