New opportunities for learning

A custom software developed to provide new learning opportunities is probably a new approach for schools all over the world especially now in a Covid-19 area.

Even if this pandemic period passes the approach should help students develop easier and understand each subject through proper online and offline presentations and live presentations. Keeping everything up to date means that the students should learn the latest information related to any of the subject. Teachers should also get their own training on everything that is new for each subject that they are teaching.

Engaging students for better learning

Learning means engaging with that subject and trying to understand it better. Working online has become a challenge both for students and teachers. But that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. Each student should have their own assessments to do and engage in the conversation.

Sharing their own understand with the other students and teacher give the opportunity to grow more intellectually and develop a better self-esteem.

Web-based style. Easy access for everyone

A web-based software solution for education is something that is here to stay in 2020 and beyond. Being online means that students, teachers and parents can have access whenever and wherever they want. A two-factor authentication should provide a higher level of security for this solution and a sense of better privacy for all the part involved in the education process.

For example: a school wants to have a web-based software solution which could provide all the lessons for their students, timetables and courses, webinars and other learning tools. There could be also a degree’s system integrated for each student. The solutions could provide access to the parents in order to see the presence of their children to classes and of course the grades at the end of each trimester/semester.

eLearning platform

During this Covid-19 period and even beyond, the learning has become a challenging aspect of our lives.

A good reason for students to choose e-Learning platform to study from home and be safe. E-Learning platforms are providing students with the best option of self-pace learning and keeping the status of learning online.

After any course students could get a specific certificate as many of the companies are still recognizing certification a good proof of a person’s skill development.

Modular software and custom price packages

Any web-based software solution can be created based on a modular structure.

A lot of companies have this approach for software based on modules. For example: Microsoft and Adobe chose this type of packages in order to meet the customer needs and get the best price offer for them. Modules can be bought strategically as many as you need.

First start with the most important and continue to add more as part of the business development.

Let’s summarize: Can you imagine the future of custom software for the Education Industry?

Manage it by yourself

Administrate your web solution with courses, calendars, meetings, exams and grades. Let the parents know how their children are doing.
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Improve your student skills and let them choose their own course(s).

Based on specific tests, you can define the list of skills which could be developed or improved. Students can choose the courses and classes they are interested in order to create their future careers.
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Management 101 for students, courses, cloud based, institution management

You can manage your entire educational institution by adding modules for financial, marketing, accounting, HR, counselling in order to get the best online and secure management for your school both pre-college and university styles.
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Keep a track of each step of the way

As mentioned before, you can get a specific statistics and reports for everything that is happening at students and teachers' level in order to improve your educational system.
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Improvement is here to stay for the students from the beginning.

Begin to evaluate your students' needs even from the start. Students who knows what they want will always have a better image of their future. The same for their teachers.
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Virtual Classroom

In this Covid-19 period and beyond, the virtual classroom is here to stay. This functionality can provide best education for all students out there whenever the situation implies learning from home.
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Mobile learning apps

A mobile app could also make students want to learn more by having different types of courses, games, challenging tasks and online engage with the other students and of course with their teachers.
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Othe feature could imply different statistics on what happened during the entire learning year. The skills that students could improve and more.
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