How to convince your sales team to complete data in CRM


Many sales managers complain that CRM data is neither complete nor accurate.

I have never had any problems maintaining a completed CRM and convincing my colleagues to use it to the full.

Here is an action guide to ensure the use of CRM:

1. You can ask the sellers to use the CRM if it is useful to them. Let them enjoy the benefits of CRM order, traceability and transparency and do not turn CRM completion into bureaucratic work. After all, you want them to the client, not with office sleeves, writing imaginary data (ie mostly invented to please you).

2. For additional work on maintaining records in CRM, release them from the need to write an activity report. You want to know what they did the previous week: run the reports from CRM and you will know everything you need. The flip side of the medal is that if they did not write an activity in CRM, then you must behave as if they did not carry that activity at all.

3. Do not use the information from the CRM to infuse and corner them, but to help them. If you use it as a weapon against them, then they will no longer enter data or enter only what suits them.

4. Use the information from CRM to coach with them, to help them and guide them in the most difficult accounts. This is how they will see its value.

5. Use the information from the CRM to judge the stage and the chances of the opportunities. Based on this analysis, you will free up resources for tracking the opportunity! They want resources, so they must complete in CRM!

6. Shorten sessions – you have a lot of information in CRM, you don’t have to recite them at the meeting.

7. Clearly set the sales territories and do not change them to help your favorites! Do not take their best accounts just because they have advanced in sale, to give them to other sellers! Be ethical if you want the truth to be written in CRM!

8. Teach them to use CRM to be more efficient. Show them how the data entered there will help you be more competitive!

9. Engage the collaboration between marketing and sellers through CRM!

10. If you use the CRM also at the service, show them how good it is to have a complete picture of the account, from sales and from service.

11. Connect the CRM to the ERP: this will become an efficient and undeniable tool!

12. When you are opposed to the silent resistance, respond by not signing the financial reports, expense reports and orders for the lazy until they update their CRM records!

13. Ask them for their opinion on how you can use CRM better! Involve them, and they will no longer regard it as your tool, but theirs!

14. Finally, remember that CRM is a tool that makes no sense in the absence of a CRM strategy! Do not put the cart before the ox: first the strategy and then the implementation of CRM!

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