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Are you looking for an insurance broker solution that can grow with you company and has the full flexibility and extensibility you want? Then SplashInsurance is the solution for you. As an extension to the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, we make the best use out of all the CRM activities and more.

Dynamics 365 Insurance Solution

Protect Your World and Customers with Confidence.

SplashInsurance offers a wide range of features and functionalities that helps you to be ahead of your competitors, increase your customer satisfaction and lowers your Cost of Ownership, making it an essential tool to run your business.

Extensions and Solutions Packages

Sticking with an outdated CRM system can be a very costly mistake, as poor-quality CRM data can lead to an estimated revenue loss of up to 20%. With SplashInsurance this will belong to the past. With our full package of extensions and solutions, you will assure that your business is in good hands.

UI/UX Friendly

Contact Management, interaction tracking, scheduling and reminders, policies, payment schedules, invoicing and what more. All of this is covered for you in SplashInsurance. All in one single interface.

API Integration

SplashInsurance has important features as API integration with third parties, contact management, lead management, sales automation, analytics, reporting, invoicing, payment schedules, offer, brokerage mandates, etc. etc.

Hosted or on Premise

SplashInsurance is available both in a hosted version, in our secure server farm, or in an on premise environment. Why go through all the hastle of maintaining your servers, software, security and so on. We assure a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all the flexibility as you would have the server in your office.


Our affordable Support Package provides all you need to assure that changes are being made and that the system meets exactly your requirements. We provided you with an SLA for all the services we provide.

Customer Portal

With our portal solution we can provide them with full access to the data you want them to see. Policies, invoices, payment history, personal details. You name it. It is in there. The portal has real time communication with SplashInsurance.


What we offer?

Splash Insurance Features

Secure Your Future: Explore Our Comprehensive Insurance Features:


Generate CASCO (Casualty & Collision) offers based on a configurable CASCO matrix containing for example depreciation, quotes, commissions and more.

CASCO and invoicing counter matrix

Various standard Word templates for Offer, brokerage mandates, and more)

Easy creation of your own personal templates

Automatic monthly payments of installments to your insurers

Automatically generate CASCO policies, payment schedules, print them or send them automatically per email to your customers

Every Asset has its own folder with related documents (policies, invoices, etc.)

Real time eSimba interface that automatically transfers your RCA policies into SplashInsurance

Possibility for automatic monthly renewal of insurances (incl. reminders, email and analysis charts)

Generate invoices for Installments and sync them with your accounting software

Automatically send invoices to your customers in either printed form or as email attachment

Cancel invoices with the possibility to transfer the information into for example EuroFib

Daily synchronization to update your invoice status from your accounting solution

Automatic reminders (SMS, email, letters) to customers for unpaid invoices

Generate .txt files for your bank’s payment policies to insurers

Reporting of FSA policy statements per month/quarter, commissions and many more reports at your disposal


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