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Are you looking for an insurance broker solution that can grow with you company and has the full flexibility and extensibility you want? SplashInsurance is the solution for you. Build on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, we make the best use out of all the CRM activities and more.

Sticking with an outdated CRM system can be a very costly mistake, as poor-quality CRM data can lead to an estimated revenue loss of up to 20%. With our insurance broker solution, SplashInsurance, this will belong to the past. With our full package of extensions and solutions, you will assure that your business is in good hands.

Contact Management, interaction tracking, scheduling and reminders, policies, payment schedules, invoicing and what more. All of this is covered for you with our leading insurance solution, SplashInsurance. All in one single interface.

SplashInsurance, as one of the best insurance software solutions, has important features as API integration with third parties, contact management, lead management, sales automation, analytics, reporting, invoicing, payment schedules, offer, brokerage mandates, etc.

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Hosted or on Premise

our insurance software solution, SplashInsurance, is available both in a hosted version, in our secure server farm, or in an on premise environment. Why go through all the hassle of maintaining your servers, software, security and so on. We assure a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all the flexibility as you would have the server in your office.

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Our affordable Support Package provides all you need to assure that changes are being made and that the system meets exactly your requirements. We provided you with an SLA for all the services we provide. As user of the best insurance software you need the best support services.

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Customer Portal

You want to serve your customers better? You want to decrease the number of calls to your support desk? With our portal solution we can provide them with full access to the data you want them to see. Policies, invoices, payment history, personal details. You name it. It is in there. The portal has real time communication with SplashInsurance.

SplashInsurance also Contains

Everything Else an insurance broker software may need

Personalized training and setup

API library

Contact Management

Lead Distribution

Sales Automation

Calendar Management

Email Marketing *

Marketing Automation *

Mobile App *

Third Party Logistics

Third party integration

Text messaging

VoIP *

Analytics and Reporting

File Storage

Customer/Partner Portal *

Much, much, more…….


As one of the best insurance software solutions available we provide the following benefits.

Fully GDPR compliant

Easy to use interface

Security roles to assure that people can only see what they are allowed to see

Flexibilty on your views

Tons of predefined charts and dashboards

Automatic workflows

Audit log changes on every field

Easy to integrate with other SplashDev solutions (Debt Collection, Risk, Leasing, Legal, ….)

Much, much, more…….

Still not convinced?

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