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Is a modern, flexible, and easy to use solution for the leasing industry. It is built as an extension to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and makes use of all the features you can think of in an CRM and ERP combined. This way you can be assured that you have the best solution available in the market and are ready to outgrow the competition.

Dynamics 365 Leasing Solution
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SplashDev Information Technology SRL
SplashDev Information Technology SRL
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Why Splash Leasing ?

Complete Flow

SplashLeasing covers the entire flow from the moment a person thinks about leasing a product until the moment it is written off and the product is replaced with another leasing contract.

Modular Solution

SplashLeasing is a modular solution and therefore easily extensible and made for those companies that want to have flexibility and the latest and greatest technology available.

Hybrid or Private Cloud

SplashLeasing can be hosted in the SplashDev datacenter or on premise within your organization.


Some of our features include:

SplashLeasing has a long list of features that makes it an attractive option for your business. Some of the key features are:

Lease Origination

SplashCollect covers the entire process from procuring to developing and closing new lease transactions. Within one interface you can prospect for new lease business, provide pricing for the potential transactions, do a credit review and have all the required documents at hand. No more switching between windows and application. All in one interface. Simple and easy.

Lease Management

Lease management, sometimes referred to as lease administration, is the day-to-day execution of tasks related to a company’s lease portfolio. With SplashCollect you have access to all the features and functionalities required to handle lease management within one interface.

Asset Management

With our Asset Management solution, you have an overview of all the leased units within one interface. You can identify the unit by different kind of properties and features. You can see who leases the asset and under which contract. We support 1 or multiple assets per contract.

Full Local Accounting Integration

With Business Central running in the back end you can be sure that all the financials are taken care of the way it should. With the different localization packages for different countries, we can make sure that you meet all the regulations required for your geographical location.


SplashLeasing is integrated with third party providers as Eurotax, banks, credit companies, and much more. It is a full ecosystem of different partners that work together to make sure that you can make the best offer to your customer and manage contract, customer, asset and risk and the best way.


All reporting you may need for local authorities, European or other. Basel, 2 and more. Still not enough reports? SplashLeasing has an environment where you can further develop reports yourself or have it done by SplashDev. As reporting requirement change on an almost daily basis, easy and flexible reporting is a must.

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