Why Microsoft Dynamics is the Best Choice for Your Growing Business?

Discover Microsoft Dynamics and why it's a great choice for your business. How can your customer experience be improved using Microsoft CRM solutions.
Microsoft Dynamics

A good customer experience is the key to the success of any business today. It is essential for businesses to offer state-of-the-art products or service expertise to keep customers loyal to their brand. Business are required not only to monitor customer behavior, but also to respond promptly and to understand what drives the customer, while constantly and consistently providing a great customer experience.

Monitoring customer behavior through a CRM (Client Relationship Management) solution automates the entire sales process, improves customer experience, and fosters customer loyalty.

CRM consulting services help deliver an engaging customer experience and strengthen your relationship with customers through a repository of relevant customer information, such as buying patterns, product preferences, and other factors that affect purchasing behavior.

It also helps the sales team keep track of essential statistics. CRM acts as a single source for all product and transaction-related information and communications, helping customer support quickly access information and respond to customer inquiries instantly.

How is Microsoft Dynamics CRM helping you being more customer-centric?

Microsoft Dynamics is a great tool for simplifying a company’s marketing efforts, such as online promotions, social media interactions, and more. The data captured serves as the basis for understanding your customers’ preferences and their choice of products or services.

CRM data helps monitor and evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns, whether the target audience is the right one and how they react. It provides statistics on the outcome of the effort and helps to create strategies for other marketing activities.

Microsoft Dynamics sustains your efforts to customize the customer experience in a variety of ways. For example, it accelerates team decision-making by making sales, earnings, and revenue data available when and where it is needed. It also improves coordination among your various departments and helps sales, marketing, operations, and other teams work in sync to achieve organizational goals. Microsoft Dynamics serves as a single destination for all information entering and leaving the company and is accessible to everyone in the organization. It systematically categorizes customer interactions and works with third-party tools to monitor customer behavior and feedback. This increases customer retention and your revenue by allowing your staff to handle all customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. The bonus – it will help you identify potential sales opportunities through marketing leads and other data available in the system

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with business intelligence capabilities to provide employees with information about how the sales, marketing, and customer service team can achieve their individual and team goals.

What about Dynamics CRM security?

It is important to mention here that whether in the cloud or onsite, your Dynamics CRM will also offer you security features to ensure maximum control over access to your data.

You will therefore have access to different security models and roles that will allow you to create users with different permissions and access to information. Microsoft Dynamics provides functions such as: role-based security, form-based security (restricting or allowing access to specific forms), and field-level security (access restrictions to fields with a high impact on the business).

That said, you will also have access to the single sign-on feature that can be extended to the entire software to make your life easier. That and much more.

Integration with Office 365

As with any tool, you would think you have to leave the software from time to time to write an email, or a document and use, perhaps, personalized modules that communicate with the rest of your work software.

Fortunately, Microsoft got it right by directly integrating the Office 365 suite along with its most used tools such as Word, Excel, Outlook and more. Now, you can manage your emails, appointments, collaborate on a document and even have access to information directly in your email exchanges thanks to this integration with Dynamics.

In addition to facilitating collaboration and productivity, your workflow will never be interrupted again because you have to leave the CRM to accomplish a task and return again to search for useful data.

Everything is now possible: you can work in an Excel spreadsheet and have direct access to the data, then with a single click, you can enter new data produced by your calculations and analyses.

This means that Microsoft Dynamics has not left any details to chance and that your company’s productivity, efficiency, and communication will only be improved.

Dynamics is also very easy to use and multi-lingual. If your company spans across continents and countries or plans to do so, this is the tool to use. It is user-friendly and fast to implement. Unlike other similar tools, your staff will have no trouble understanding and adapting to the tool, as it is integrated with both Office 365 – as described above – and Windows, to make the transition seamless.

According to Panorama Consulting, the appeal of Microsoft Dynamics is its simplicity, being able to cater to organizations of all sizes that are in search for simpler alternatives than the extremely complex classic ones. As a result, its market share is at 29% and growing,

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a business intelligence tool that will help you streamline your process and enter the 4.0 era.

Whether it is supporting you in increasing your sales or improving your customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an unbeatable ally. Obviously, to integrate it into your business, you will need a good team of experts. Need help to bring your business into tomorrow? Schedule a meeting with our experts today.

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