Power BI

Does your organization have big dreams for its data? Are you struggling to meet the needs of your business because of your data being in silos? Is your aging data platform preventing you from delivering against your business data insight needs with static reports becoming outdated quickly? Are you looking to set up a new data warehouse to aggregate data from systems across the enterprise for reporting and analysis purposes?

IDC estimates organizations that are able to analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information to collectively reap $430B in extra productivity benefits by 2020. Keystone projects an estimated 8% additional operating income for digitally transformed organizations.
Microsoft’s Modern Business Intelligence (BI) Platform can help you realize this vision and move closer to your goals through:

• Powerful visualization tools
• Interactive reports accessible across any device, both online and offline
• Easier sharing and management of data across teams to your employees more productive
• Visual drag and drop data exploration
• Enabling users with self-service BI

Read on to learn about relevant Microsoft BI offerings that can help you with your ambitions.

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