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Teams quick start guide

@MicrosoftTeams is the fastest-growing business app in company history. Users love its versatility as a collaboration and chat hub—as well as its privacy and security.

Whether you’re new to Teams and need a basic quick start guide, or you’re already using Teams and want to make sure you know its capabilities—you’ll want access to this Teams quick start guide!

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It’s crucial for your organization to build agile processes to keep up with change. Make sure you are ready. Subscribe today to stay updated with tips, updates, and insights from Microsoft.

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Privacy, security, and compliance are prioritized in Microsoft Teams

Remote work has been on the rise globally for the past couple of years. As more people using digital applications to communicate and collaborate, the need for privacy, security, and compliance has never been so important. @MicrosoftTeams is committed to protecting your data, identity, and account information. It defends against cybersecurity threats and meets more than 90 compliance and regulatory standards. Microsoft is also committed to continued learning and ultimately offering the highest security possible.

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Collaborate more securely

@MicrosoftTeams is safeguarding your privacy by design. With support for more than 90 regulations and standards and advanced security capabilities, #Microsoft takes a comprehensive approach to delivering an enterprise-grade communication and collaboration experience – no matter how big or small your business may be. Learn more in this infographic:

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Build Agile Business Processes Solution Overview

You need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in the business landscape—maintaining efficiency, productivity, and continuity. Are you ready? Building agile business processes with @Microsoft is an important first step. This video can show you how to get started. Take a look:

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