PRINTVIS 2020 Highlights: New Standard Reports for Power BI
Dynamics for resellers and Sales agents


With each release PrintVis continues to enhance our integration with Microsoft Power BI, which combines multiple software services and apps to create rich data visualization and business intelligence.

PrintVis 2020 ships with an attractive set of default reports – ready to use out of the box – for Power BI. Users can take advantage of attractive and informative charts and graphs to display KPI data in a colorful, easy-to-understand interface – on their Role Center dashboards or using the Power BI Desktop application.

For example, estimators and salespeople can glance at their quote-to-order ratio, and drill down further to view by dollar amounts, geographical location and much more.

Power BI is like PrintVis in that it can be used in a very basic way, or for robust, enterprise-grade applications to draw comprehensive KPIs from your PrintVis database, or even cross company, from multiple companies, and even databases.

In other words, it can be as simple or complex as you need it to be, based on your role in the company.

Some report type examples:

  1. Sales in numbers, for example split as Cost, Profit and total sales
  • By Country, Region or even City
  • Per Product Group or Order Type
  • Per Sales Representative, Coordinator, Customer etc.
  1. Produced jobs within a period, by Order Type or Product Group
  2. Hours produced within a period, Direct vs Indirect hours etc.
  3. Quote-to-Order Ratio by Sales Rep, Coordinator or Product Group
  4. Open Requests

Filter by:

  • Sales Representative
  • Coordinator
  • Customer
  1. Open Quotes

Filter by:

  • Sales Representative
  • Coordinator
  • Estimator
  • Customer
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