PrintVis for Label Production

Label manufacturers share the same basic concerns as other branches of commercial printing: The need for waste reduction, cost management over raw materials, effective measurement of performance, and the maintenance of a profitable and innovative operation. All of these add up to control of your process.

PrintVis offers label converters an affordable, flexible and complete MIS/ERP solution with full print-centric functionality to manage every stage of their business, from the first quote until the job is produced and delivered to the customer – including a total financial package and robust business intelligence from Microsoft, on prem or in the cloud.

The software solution will help you manage all the steps of production for both long-repeat and short-custom runs on offset, digital, flexography and any other type of printing press. This includes detailed materials management and the control of complex variable data.

PrintVis has powerful functionality in the handling of the various tools that label printers use every day. As many pressure-sensitive labels require kiss-cutting/die-cutting, it is essential to handle such dies and their associated cylinders, adapters, etc. with a high level of detailed information. PrintVis will store the data that associates different tools with their compatible presses, making it easy to not only optimize your production, but also to create the most cost-effective estimates from the outset. The die setup offers a comprehensive range of possibilities, including a teeth-count on the cylinder size, punch thickness, shapes and much more. Further, you can create dies and assign different statuses for them.

For instance, some dies are stored in your local archive, some deep in the warehouse and some no longer even exist other than in your electronic database (for quoting purposes only) to let you know that a certain die must be purchased when it comes time to order.

Detailed information is stored for each label individually, including which clichés/plates, colors, paper, dies and even finishing information, such as rollup, folding or cutting method are applied to the label.

Furthermore, information on bobbin and roll-up size is stored for production security. In short, all vital information for a label is stored centrally, to avoid errors in production.

Whether with short, custom digital runs or bulk factory runs, label printing can be managed from quote to invoice with an intelligent print management information system. When that system is embedded into a proven ERP system, printers can enjoy the management of every aspect of their businesses with a single software solution. That solution is PrintVis.

Product Details

PrintVis understands the complex processes packaging companies follow to satisfy their customers, and the many planning hours associated with each production run.

From the estimating stage to pre-production and the many stops on the shop floor (or outside vendor) through which a folding carton or other type of package must go before finally landing on a store shelf, packaging houses understand there is very little room for error if a job is to remain profitable.

PrintVis provides quality control assurance by giving you control and insight into every stage of your production. PrintVis will make your packaging company run smarter and more efficiently, empowering your people to capture the data needed to optimize your operation, which will help you to satisfy, retain and grow your customer base. PrintVis’ functionalities are a perfect fit for the flexography industry, which dedicates most of its output to flexible packaging.

You can decide (per machine) to produce stated quantities – or to calculate the quantity you expect per full roll of substrate produced (this is especially important to large-format flexo print, such as printing the outer wraps for corrugated boxes.


  • If your business has a single, large format flexo printer it can be set to always produce full reels of substrate
  • Other smaller flexo stations can be set to print specific quantities, utilizing only portions of the reels per order
  • The specific information on which exact flexible relief plates (clichés) and inks/ink quantities that goes into each specific product – using Finished Goods templates
  • Large flexo printers will often have an on-site color lab, so the ability to handle ink recipes is also covered by PrintVis

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