Let’s say that you are have an NGO or a Non-profit company for a specific activity or service. And you want to improve your activity or service by get a specific solution for your company.

What is a Non-profit software ?

Non-profit software is designed to automated different aspects of a non-profit business: from accounting, document and data management, ERP and CRM software and more.
The software development part for non-profit should be done taking into consideration first the budget and the actual needs of a non-profit company.

Web-based solution for a better experience

Having a software solution that is based on a cloud means that you can start running your NGO or Non-profit business earlier than you think. Your access is easy to be done from anywhere and anytime.
The web-based solution provides also a high-level security for your non-profit business. You don’t need to worry about it just begin to work on other important steps for your company.

A modular solution and custom prices

A web-based solution with multiple modules is something that your non-profit can benefit from. You can use your budget specifically for the module you need first and then add others as soon as your business grows and needs more automation.
Spending you budget the best way will get your business moving forward better and faster.

A solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

SplashDev team chose the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for creating and implementing the NGO solution. The Microsoft´s licensing program for NGOs provides an affordable solution for those non-profit companies that want to automate their processes and improve their communication channels.
SplashNonProft created by SplashDev has the following features:

  • Constituent Management
  • Donation Management
  • Fundraising
  • Program Delivery
  • Align benficiaries to program delivery
  • Align funds to results framework
  • Volunteer Management
  • Membership Management
  • IATI processes
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