SplashCollect is a debt collection software application that reduces analysis time and increases the efficiency of debt collectors while optimizing collection operations and reducing internal costs.

This way, companies will be able to:

  • Optimize their debt collection efforts;
  • Quickly recover arrears from corporate customers, preventing the creation and increasing accounts payable;
  • Identify debtors, create delinquency tickets, manage debtor accounts, track and complete the collection process.

Based on Dynamics 365 platform and integrated with Dynamics Portal Add-on, SplashCollect is easily accessible via web or mobile.

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Optimized operational efforts and reduced internal costs

Our solution eliminates manual work needed for managing invoices and communicating with customers with debts - which both can be extremely expensive and time consuming. It also provides a centralized information database with customers, contracts, invoices, associated payments or advance payments, securities, calculated penalties, debts, as well as DPD (Days Past Due). A quick and consistent view on overdue accounts is provided, including information regarding the interaction with the customer, contact conclusion, account distribution or promised amount.

Decreased customers’ debts, optimized profit and increased cash flow

SplashCollect offers structured debt collection process, based on the specific needs of each organization. This approach decreases the value of DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) indicator by decreasing the average number of days needed to turn the debts into cash. Additionally, it generates a fast return of investment thanks to low cost of ownership and quick implementation.



Simplicity & Power

Our user interface is a combination of design simplicity and advanced capabilities making this solution easy to use, which will require less time and money invested in training.

Automated Processes

From the first contact to the last payment, our advanced solution enables you to automate your internal business processes and increase efficiency.

Complete Workflow Management

SplashCollect is capable of managing all workflow processes, as well as pre and post-charge-off accounts.

Security & Compliance

Stay on top of compliance requirements and risk management, security and data access, with an All In One software solution for collection management.

Scalability & Flexibility

Easy to implement and highly customizable, our solution grows with your company and enables you to add what you need, when you need it.

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide a wide variety of reports measuring both financial health as well as collector productivity.

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