Non-Profit Organizations touch millions of lives each day.

With limited budget and resources, being cost-effective and finding affordable solutions for their causes are main priorities for a nonprofit organization. 

SplashDev’s complete suite of affordable solutions helps nonprofit organizations, regardless of their size, budget, or focus, build lifelong support, raise more funds, as well as engage and organize its stakeholders.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, SplashNonProfit is an advanced and highly integrated solution enabling nonprofit organizations to run their activities efficiently and effectively.

How Can SplashNonProfit Help Your Non-Profit Organization?

Increase productivity

The solution helps you to easily maintain and organize a unique database with data about all stakeholders  – sponsors, beneficiaries, volunteers, donors and other partners.

Attract more funding

It offers a clear overview of all sponsors’ contracts, ability to track easily all contract related activities and to have a communication history with each account.


Maximize the relationship with stakeholders

With data segmentation filters, performance dashboards and support for SMS campaigns, you can quickly identify your most active donors or partners and plan targeted campaigns.

Learn how MagiCAMP improves its outreach with SplashNonProfit

Romania`s leading child medical charity says an integrated CRM solution is the ideal basis for future campaign success.

By implementing SplashNonProfit, the nonprofit organization obtained:

- Unified access to details of thousands of followers

- Support for national SMS fundraising campaigns

- Full contact data to support better outreach


Our featured plan for non-profit organizations includes heavily discounted packages containing licenses, consultancy and customisation. Choose the best value and product to fit your organization needs.

Microsoft Office 365

Rely on Microsoft Office 365 to support collaboration between your staff, volunteers, donors, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - CRM

Our CRM solutions help you simplify donation and support management while better understanding partners and improving operational processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations

Bound by strict regulations, non-profit organizations can benefit from this product by recording, managing and accessing data - properly and easily.

Want to know more?

This offer is specially put together for Non-Profit Organizations. SplashDev can provide this offering only to a limited set of organizations that meet certain criteria which are in line with our company culture.

Please fill in the form below to discuss your project and get personalized advice on features and solutions, as well as its implementation and customization.

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