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HOW TO USE SMS WITH YOUR Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Send reminders, notifications & updates.

SMS is the perfect tool for delivering timesensitive information to customers whether is an appointment or billing reminder, notification that the case is closed or inquiry received.

Hear back from your customers.

The quicker you respond to a customer’s request, the higher the customer satisfaction. Two-way communication is a must in any customerfocused business and this tool is a powerful ally.

Allow for callbacks and followups.

Use text messages or SMS to ensure you follow up missed calls quickly and enable your customers to request a callback at a convenient time.

Use SMS marketing

The speed, low cost and reliability - SMS marketing is one of the best ways of getting sales, promotions and other marketing material out to your customers.

Build relationships.

Not only this channel is low cost, but it can be automated - further lowering your time investment and maintaining a particular level of customer service, experience, and satisfaction.

WHY USING SplashSMS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The open rates of SMS marketing are way above the average.

SMS is a fast and reliable means of delivering the message.

The cost of SMS marketing is cheaper than most of the other channels.

The effectiveness of the campaign is easily traceable.

Sending SMS has never been easier

Our SMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows companies to send SMS messages directly from Dynamics CRM where messages are stored and viewable at any point.

Some of the SplashSMS features:

  • Scheduled sending of SMS messages.
  • Character length indicator and validation.
  • Automatic number formatting of recipient’s mobile number data.
  • Bulk sending.
  • Automatic sending when SMS activity is marked as completed.

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