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Technical Consultancy

Aligning technology needs with business goals.


Our portfolio of services is diverse and our team is well qualified with broad experience and competencies in both domain- and product-based technical consultancy.


Maximize your IT potential with industry-leading expert support.

Why SplashDev
Technical Consulting Services

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Save time and money

Looking for technical consultancy services from SplashDev before making IT-related decisions could save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long term.

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IT risk management

Properly performed IT risk assessments are the basis for success whenever important decisions must be made: purchase of new systems, complex development project management or something else.

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Sustainable business change

Our technical consulting services ensure that, whatever the change you want to make, it will deliver the desired business outcomes, helping you provide long-term and sustainable improvements to your organization.

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Areas of Expertise

Check Mark Vendor and technology analysis and selection
Check Mark Performance testing
Check Mark Assessment, implementation and integration of systems
Check Mark Project management

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