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SplashDev is a global company with its origins in Austria, that has expanded operations in several countries.

About SplashDev


We are a prominent business consulting and IT solutions provider, specializing in the implementation and customization of solutions that automate and improve business processes. At SplashDev, we believe in delivering solutions that will make a real difference to our clients' productivity and profitability.


That's why our team supports businesses of any size and type, whether they are just beginning the process of evaluation and selection of a solution, or they are looking for implementation options. Helping companies achieve performance excellence and making sure their investment in software brings real, measurable results is at the core of our business.

Adherence to quality. Integrity. Innovation. Performance. Collaboration.
Appetite for constant improvement. That's at the heart of how we operate our business.

How we do business

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Putting our clients first

Our team has developed an approach where the client's needs surpass everything else as we want to be seen as an integral part of their success.

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With in-depth know-how when it comes to technology and impressive commitment to client's success - SplashDev team is able to accommodate the complexity and size of any project.

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Socially responsible

At SplashDev, social responsibility is very important. We believe in making a positive impact in our community and invest a portion of our profit in the NGO driven projects.

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Building long-term relationships

Our team puts a strong emphasis on communication and relationship building. We are on a mission to deliver exceptional results while establishing and nurturing valuable business relationships.

Support for NGOs

Maximize your impact with the right set of tools.

01Social Involvement

For SplashDev, social involvement is very important and we want to give something back. With a limited budget and resources, being cost-effective and finding an affordable solution are main priorities for a non-profit organization.

02Set of affordable solutions

SplashDev’s complete suite of affordable solutions helps non-profit organizations, regardless of their size, budget, or focus, build lifelong support, raise more funds, as well as engage and organize its stakeholders.

Office 365

Relly on MS Office to support collaboration between your staff, volunteers, donors, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - CRM

Our CRM solutions help you simplify donation and pledge management while better understanding partners and improving operational processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations

Bound by strict regulations, non-profit organizations can benefit from this product by recording, managing and accessing data - properly and easily.


Meet the team

We've worked with and earned trust of dozens of exceptional businesses worldwide. Let your company be one of those businesses too.

Hans KortCEO
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Marc BreitManaging Partner
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