Bankfeed automatically imports your bank statements to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and accurately reconciles payments with invoices. It saves you hours, prevents errors and enables real-time payment information without logging into banks.

Why do accountants and business managers love Bankfeed?

Accountants and business managers love Bankfeed for its seamless integration with accounting software, providing real-time updates and automatic transaction feeds, streamlining financial management tasks and enhancing productivity

1-month free trial with full functionality

Significantly less manual work due to the automatic bank statement import and payment reconciliation

No errors: Bankfeed automatically and accurately matches payments with invoices

Faster order execution because of the real-time payment information in Business Central: no need to log into banks

Works with 2300+ banks and several payment platforms (Kevin, Klarna, etc.)
Check the full list of supported financial institutions here

Bankfeed Features

Simplify Your Finances: Explore Our Comprehensive Bankfeed Features for Effortless Integration and Management

Bank Statement Import


All bank transactions directly in Business Central


After connecting Bankfeed to your bank accounts, you will automatically receive the bank statements in Business Central.


In the list of parsed bank statements, you will see the period, the bank IBAN, the currency, the number and amount of debits and credits. You can also deep dive into the transactions of each statement.

Payment Recognition


Customers, suppliers & documents identified automatically


To match payments with invoices, Bankfeed first recognises each transaction.


The customer or supplier can be recognised by their name, IBAN or registration number, while the document to match with is identified using the “Message to Recipient” and the “endToEndID” fields. Additionally, text-to-account mapping is usually used to identify bank fees.

Payment Reconciliation


Payments matched with invoices in no time


This might be the biggest time saver of all.


Bankfeed automatically and accurately reconciles payments with previously issued invoices. Note that you are still in full control, so if necessary, make any manual adjustments before posting the journal lines.

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