Dynamics 365 Consultancy

SplashDev Dynamics 365 Consulting Services is a dedicated, customer focused team of professionals.  Our experienced Consultants have many years of experience in implementing, upgrading, and customising Microsoft Dynamics solutions. our Dynamics 365 Consultancy Team supports both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Business Central. Both on Premise and in the Cloud.

SplashDev Consultants

The SplashDev Dynamics 365 Consultancy Team has in depth knowledge in both Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud and on-Premise solutions. Our Consultants understand that for some customers on Premise is the only option, therefore we will never try to push you to the Cloud.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Consulting Team and our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting team can help you solve any business problem.

Did we catch your interest? Plan a call with us to discuss your project and see how we can make you the best offer available.

Functional Consultants

Microsoft Dynamics Functional Consultants are responsible for configuring and implementing Dynamics 365 solutions for customers.

Technical Consultants

Our Dynamics Technical CRM Consultants support our customers with digital transformation processes and with the implementation of Dynamics CRM projects.

Licensing Consultants

Tired of paying too much for your Microsoft Dynamics licenses? Do not understand the complex matter of Microsoft licensing in general? Our licensing consultants can help you out finding the right solution for you, without paying too much on licenses.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy Team can help you in any licenses related issues.

Debt Collection Strategy Consultants

Looking for an automated debt collection solution but you are not sure how the best automate your current collection strategies? Talk with our Consultants and we will explain you all about our SplashCollect Debt Collection solution and how we can adjust our solution to your debt collection strategies.

Risk Management Strategy

Our Risk Management solution, running on the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform is an extensive Risk Management solution with all features you can think of, used by big financial institutions. You can view the personal or company you are interrogating in several different dimensions.

Are you in the Risk Management business and would like to understand how we can fully automate your decision-making process? Our Risk Management Strategy Consultants within our Dynamics 365 Business Central Consulting Team know everything about Risk and how we can adjust our Risk Management solution to your processes.

Operational and Financial Leasing Strategy Consultants

With our multi-year experience in the Leasing business, we know everything about Financial and Operational Leasing. Do you want to automate your Leasing business? Improve your leasing processes, or move to a new and modern Leasing platform? Talk to our Risk Management Strategy Consultants in our Dynamics 365 Consultancy Team. They can tell you all about SplashLeasing and how to automate your leasing processes within our adoptable platform.

With our consultants you have a listening ear that thinks with you to find the right solution within your budget. Both our functional and technical consultants have the required Microsoft Certification.


Want to talk about Debt Collection and the best collection strategies?

Talk to our Solution Consultants in the SplashCollect team. You want to automate your Risk Management? Also, here we can help you with our Risk Management specialists. SplashDev is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements. There is no need to look further, with SplashDev you are in safe hands.

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