Dynamics 365 Data Import Tool

SplashDev Dynamics 365 Data Import tool is unique and simplifies the process of importing large amounts of customer data that is typically provided by third parties, in Excel sheets. With some simple clicks and basic understanding of our Data Import Tool you can import templatised customer data within seconds, without going through the manual process of importing.

Effortless Dynamics 365 Management

Simplified Dynamics 365 Account and Payment Management with SplashDev Tool

Using SplashDev Dynamics 365 Data Import Tool, you will be able to import yourAccounts to Dynamics 365, delete the unnecessary Accounts from the system and, not the least, import for example payments that have been made.

Tool automates Excel integration

Automated Excel Sheet Processing with Data Import Tool

Your data providers publish their updated Excel sheets in a single secure place, after which the Data Import Tool will pick it up, on a regular basis, to be processes in the system.

Efficiency and Precision Combined:
Dynamics 365 Data Import Tool Unveiled

Efficient Data Integration with Dynamics 365 Data Import Tool

Streamline Your Workflow: Harnessing the Power of Dynamics 365 Data Import Tool for Seamless Data Integration

Streamlined Data Import

Easily create import templates for each data provider in Dynamics 365, simplifying the process of importing data.

Automated Processing

With just one click, the Dynamics 365 Data Import Tool automatically retrieves files from a secure location, processes them, and updates your Dynamics 365 environment accordingly.

Efficient Data Management

Seamlessly enter, update, or remove data within Dynamics 365, thanks to the automated functionality of the Data Import Tool, enhancing overall data management efficiency.

SplashDev Risk Management Solution

Do you want to know how it works?

Take a moment to watch this insightful video tutorial and discover effective strategies for streamlining the process of importing vast quantities of data effortlessly.

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